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3 års GRATIS webhosting!
med en hjemmeside fra MicCo WebDesign

Tilbudet indeholder følgende:

  • 3 års Webhotel Mini hos (Værdi: kr. 324,-)
  • 1 stk. GuppY CMS baseret hjemmeside (*Værdi: kr. 6.495,-)
  • 1 stk. Tilretning af standard skin for GuppY CMS (*Værdi: kr. 1.995,-)
  • 1. års WebMaster Aftale type C (*Værdi: kr. 8.495,-)

* alle priser er inkklusive moms 25%

Samlet pakke værdi Kr.: 17.309,-

TILBUDS PRIS - Kr.: 9.995,-

Du spare mere end 42%


SPAR 100,- kroner

Via linket her til får Du 100,- kroner i rabat,

når du køber en hosting pakke hos

Lige nu har tilbud på hosting fra 9,- kroner / mdr. det 1. år

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Latest Elxis extensions

Elxis Downloads Center - Download free extensions, templates, and updates for Elxis CMS 4.x and 5.x


Events Manage and schedule events and agendas
With plugin Events you can manage single or multi day Agendas and Events. An Agenda is a time table which may contain up to 10 events. These events can be within the same day or in different days. Here is a sample Agenda with 3 events to get an idea what you can do with the plugin. Agenda: Yupi-Yupi festival, Saturday 22 February 2099 Event 1: 09:00 - 10:00, Opening speech, Mary Bach Event 2: 10:15 - 12:30, Presentation, George Beethoven Event 3: 19:30 - 20:30, Closing ceremony / Fireworks The plugin has many coloring options and also supports integration with Google Calendar. After the plugin installation, configure the plugin and then manage your events like that: From the list of Content plugins, highlight the Events row and click on the Manage button on top. From the window that will be displayed you can add, edit and delete agendas and events. You will also find a tab with detailed help. If you need more help please visit the Elxis forums. Many thanks to Rory Sturdy for allowing this plugin to be published. Version 1.1: Chinese language (translation by Bing Liu)


(14/11/2023 @ 19:09)

Open Street Maps 

Open Street Maps Generate maps by using Open Street maps services. Open Street is free and requires no subscription.
The Open Map plugin generates maps of any location in the world by using Open Street maps services. Unlike to Google maps, which require subscription, Open Street maps are absolutely free and require no subscription. So you can directly use this plugin after the initial installation. With the Open Map plugin you can create maps containing a single spot on the map or multiple spots. You can configure marker colour, map height, zoom level, and you can also provide a description for each spot. This description can even contain HTML tags. After you install the plugin please read the integrated Help for more. If you have questions visit the Elxis forum for support.


(20/08/2023 @ 18:15)

Structured data 

Structured data Adds structured data in JSON-LD format in article pages head. Good for SEO!
Plugin Structured data adds structured data in JSON-LD format in article pages head. JSON-LD format is equivalent to micro-data format applied in HTML. Both provided by and recommended by Google for SEO. The plugin requires no integration in articles! Just publish it and it will by applied automatically on all articles. If you need help, or have questions, visit elxis Forums for support. Dont forget to configure the plugins parameters before start using it.


(19/07/2023 @ 20:12)

QR Code generator 

QR Code generator Generates QR code images that can be downloaded and used for a variety of purposes.
This administration module generates QR code images that can be downloaded and used for a variety of purposes. A QR code image when scanned by a mobile phones camera can provide information or actions to the mobile phone. For instance can add a contact address, add an event to your calendar, send an SMS message, visit a web site, connect to a WiFi network, and many more. The supported QR code types are the following. Elxis article URL (with language selection) URL (Any web URL) Plain text Telephone E-mail (with optional subject and text) Business card (VCARD) with many contact details WiFi network connection details Calendar event (iCal format) Skype Call After installation the module will be displayed on the top right corner of Elxis administration panel. It has options to be displayed on all or in some pages. To configure the module select: Extensions, Modules, click the backend modules icon on top of the list, click Admin QR Code to edit its parameters. When editing the module you will also see a tab related to help. Special thanks to Dejan Viduka for allowing sharing of this module with the Elxis community.


(12/06/2023 @ 18:26)


Tours Generates tour booking forms
Tours plugin generates tour booking forms. You can have multiple tours and your site guests book their preferable one. Each tour can be bind to an Elxis articles acting as tour presentation page. Each tour can have as departure and return locations airports, ports, hotels or other locations. You can also limit the seasons the tour is available. The plugin has many configuration options. When a site guest books a tour an email notification will be send to the email address you specify (it can be different for each tour). Quick start: Go to administration, Content plugins, Select Tours and click Manage. A popup window will be displayed. From there you can add and edit your tours. To edit plugin parameters: Go to administration, Content plugins, Click Tours. Go to tab Parameters and set the configuration options as you wish. In case you have questions contact datahell at Elxis forums.


(10/06/2023 @ 21:25)


Transfers Car, minibus and bus transfer booking form
Transfers plugin displays a search form where site guests can search for transfers from location A to location B. Round trips are also supported. Transfers can be performed by Car, Minibus, and Collectively (special bus from airports). For cars and minibuses the customer gets charged per vehicle, for collective transfers he get charged by person. Routes and prices are imported by uploading a CSV file comma (;) separated. Detailed instructions can be found in plugin management window and there are also 2 sample files (a CSV and a XLSX) you can use as a starting point. Prices can vary depending on the weekday (Monday-Friday and Weekends). This is why for each vehicle there are 2 price options, one for standard days (for example auto) and 1 for weekends (for example autow). Price can also vary depending on the season. The plugin supports up to 3 seasons. After search the guest sees the available transfer vehicles and selects his preferable one from the list of the available ones. The transfer price is been updated. He writes his personal details and clicks on the reservation button to book this transfer. The plugin will notify you with an email for this request. Note that the plugin does not process payments, it only sends notification emails. Quick start: Go to administration, Content plugins, Select Transfers and click Manage. A popup window will be displayed. From there you can download existing data or upload an updated CSV file containing routes and prices. You can also download a sample.csv file To edit plugin parameters: Go to administration, Content plugins, Click Transfers. Go to tab Parameters and set the configuration options as you wish. In case you have questions contact datahell at Elxis forums.


(10/06/2023 @ 18:22)

Google custom search 

Google custom search Search engine powered by Google custom search - JSON API
This search engine is powered by Google Search and uses a JSON API. It can search for articles but also for PDF files and other assets on your site. You can create for free a custom search engine for your site at Note that free accounts have a limitation of 100 searches per day. Also note that Google custom search will return a maximum of 100 results (10 pages). The engine has many configuration options. To start visit to create your engine and get an API Key and an Engine ID (cx).


(03/05/2023 @ 18:21)

Vertical basket 

Vertical basket Vertical Basket module for component Open Shop displays products added in basket.
Vertical basket module for component Open Shop displays the products added in cart. It uses AJAX on both cart item removal and addition actions so it displays the actual cart contents any time, without the need to refresh the page. By default the module is been displayed minimized showing only the cart summary. When clicked it expands its height revealing the cart contents. Vertical basket module requires Open Shop v3.4 or newer.


(20/12/2022 @ 18:17)

Our services 

Our services Display site services or features
Display up to 8 site services, features, or anything else you think it might fits. For each of these services you can pick an icon, write a title, a text and provide a link. Ideal to be displayed in site front-page.


(10/10/2022 @ 21:13)

Figure Mediabox 

Figure Mediabox Add images and galleries in articles with mediabox
By Figure Mediabox plugin for Elxis 5.x you can display into articles images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif) in the same style as the main image of an article. Is noted that the images of the same article which they have the same data-mediabox appear as gallery. You can select among 5 different styles of size and image position (Medium image left, Medium image right, Large image top, Large image left, Large image right).


(19/07/2022 @ 18:55)

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